My Approach to Skin Health Management

What are my guiding principles?

I believe in using evidence based treatment products and protocols with a proven track record, clinical trials and excellent support systems.

The skin serves as a protective barrier for our internal muscles and organs, guarding them from external aggressors and pathogens that create disease and imbalance. For the skin to do this job effectively, it must be healthy, strong and resilient.

Healthy skin is one that is hydrated and balanced throughout the Dermis and Epidermis. This is achieved by protecting the delicate physical and chemical barrier function that makes skin such a complex organ. Therefore the aim of every treatment is to achieve this optimal state as well as improve clarity, smooth textural irregularities and improve facial contours by stimulating collagen and elastin fibres deep within your skin.

How is the health of your skin protected?

Even before a treatment, we go through an in-depth skin and lifestyle consultation to assess your suitability for treatment. This assessment involves a comprehensive skin fitness analysis including taking relevant imagery which is updated at each appointment. 

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